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Congratulations! You made it to my ‘About’ page, where I am guessing you either like what I’m all about, or this was a terrible mistake. Let’s go with the first assumption.

If you ‘like the cut of my jib’, or in other words… if you like my vibe, style, and think I am an all round decent human being, then read on to learn a little more about me.

Because if the Law of Attraction states “Like attracts Like”, then there can be no denying you landing on this page is the magnetic forces of a great friendship in the making.

So, don’t be shy, let’s get to know each other. Connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

Hi, I’m Tahnee, and I was born in one of the most isolated cities in the world: Perth, Western Australia. I am a fun-loving person that enjoys getting out there, trying new hobbies, meeting new people and eating strange food!

Did you know that Perth used to be the subject of plenty of negative perceptions and criticism? It used to be commonly labelled as ‘dull’, ‘backwards’ and ‘boring’. It often copped a lot of flack from those escaping to the eastern states, or abroad to Canada, seeking careers outside mining, a change in scenery, and generally not have to “Wait Awhile”.

Fast-forward to 2021, and the general attitude towards Perth has positively shifted. Yes, things can be ‘slow’ here, but our quality of life and coastline is second to none. Not only that, but our success in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic (and consequently remaining a case-free state for over several months) has not only impressed our fellow Australians, but so too, the world. And right now, we’re seeing a lot of expats racing back home to the safe, vast haven that is Western Australia.

Isn’t it ironic that Perth, once rated the most boring city in the world, is now hailed as one of the world’s “safest to live”.  Though, don’t get me wrong, Perth is not without its flaws (flat terrain, ‘dry heat’ that actually gets ‘bloody hot’), but the place offers a surprising platter of activities, tours and experiences just waiting for you to untap and explore.

Combined with my skills in digital marketing and love for blogging, I created PerthGirl.com.au to share my passion for Western Australia and all the quirky, unique and interesting things it has to offer.

When I created this blog in 2014, it’s original purpose was to help shed negative perceptions of Perth, and highlight all the fun things I got up to here, so to inspire others. But times have changed, and so too have mindsets. With that being said, the new direction of PerthGirl will see me sharing more useful and educational content on Western Australia, while also promoting local businesses.

I hope my blog is useful, inspiring and engaging for both locals and visitors alike. I’m always looking for quirky things in Perth to blog about, so if you have any recommendations, you can drop me a line via my contact page.

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Follow The Dirty Drifters

Gasp, plot twist – “PerthGirl” has extensively travelled all over Australia. Is it too late to change my domain name? I guess so…

As you may have guessed from perusing my PerthGirl website, I enjoy giving ‘things a go’, and exploring all that life has to offer. As I mature and get older, travelling and escaping into nature become much more meaningful, and important to me. So, on that note, I had the best experience of my life when I embarked on a ‘big lap’ road trip around Australia back in 2018 with my partner, Adam. Fortunately Adam is a mechanical engineer, so both the vehicle and I were in good hands! 😉

If you would like to read more about our road trip adventure of a lifetime, and how you too can prepare for an overlanding adventure – then please follow us at @TheDirtyDrifters on Instagram and Facebook, and check out our other website: www.dirtydrifters.com.au – that’s right, we coined ourselves “The Dirty Drifters”. It will grow on you. Adam has written some great technical reviews on there with more incoming. Stay tuned, because we have a big surprise coming this year in 2021 – another road trip is on the horizon….

Adam and Tahnee in front of Uluru, Alice Springs

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Thanks for reading,
Tahnee. xxx


2015 – Here I am soaking in the views of Perth City from Kings Park.


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